Monday, June 9, 2008

Okay, class take out your cell phones...

David Pogue listed a bunch of cell phone freebies in the New York Times on June 6th. Many of them can be used in the classroom. For example, Jott is a personal transcription service- students can record their homework assignments into their cellphone and it will automatically send a text message to the phone and an email to the account that was used to sign up. Having a disagreement in class? Just call ChaCha - 800-2CHACHA. She can answer any question, such as who wrote the lyrics to "Walk Like an Egyptian?" For some reason we were having that discussion in class today.
Last week a bunch of teachers were writing curriculum for a new class and Patrick Higgins took a poll using Poll Everywhere.
He asked us what we were most apprehensive about regarding the new curriculum. Everyone took out their cell phones and answered. Bam! Animated graphs display real-time results in PowerPoint or in your web browser as people vote.There are endless possibilities for the classroom.

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