Sunday, June 1, 2008

NJAET Conference

Just found out I will be presenting at the NJAET conference on Tuesday, October 14 at Georgian Court University. Here is a short description:
Presenter: Mrs. Erica Hartman
Position: 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Organization/ Business Name: Sparta Middle School
Workshop Type: Hands_on
Workshop Length: 70 Minutes
Workshop Title: 21 Free Tools to Engage 21st Century Language Arts Students
Workshop Description: Trying to make it all work in a one computer classroom? As teachers we need to be in
the continuous loop that is Web 2.0 technology. The priority is to reach and connect with students. Here are 21
FREE web tools/sites you can use to stay one step ahead of your tech savvy students. They are short, fast, easy,
and free. All you need is one working computer in your classroom.
Hope to see you there! I am a bit nervous because it is my first big presentation by myself!


Danita Russell said...

Would love to see any handouts you have for this session. Looks great!

Danita Russell

Erica Hartman said...

Thanks Danita,
As soon as I finish everything I will post the link to my wiki.

Ann Oro said...

Good luck with the session. It's nice to have the summer to plan. You've done some really nice things with one computer in the classroom. It will be good to show that you don't need a lab full of computers to integrate technology.

Erica Hartman said...

Thank you for the input. I am going to pull everything together after the GTA next week and will let you know when I am done with the wiki.