Thursday, June 26, 2008

Even More

Today I attended the Google Teacher Academy. It was phenomenal, a life altering experience for sure. I have tons of notes to review and ideas to post, but my brain is spinning right now. I need a day or two to soak it in. The two key words for today as stated by Christopher Fitzgerald Walsh of Big Tree Learning are "even more" - literally, this means click on "even more" under the "more" google button. There are so many apps under the "even more" that can be used in the classroom that I haven't really explored until today. But "even more" has a deeper meaning for today. Even when you think you know everything possible about google apps, there is even more. Even when you think you can't add one more rss feed to your blogger, there is even one more that is a must read. Even when you think your PLN is at its limit, there are even more incredible people out there to learn from. Even when you think there is there is no room left in your stomach, there is even more in the google micro kitchens. There is even more to life than we will ever know.


Youssef said...

There's "even more" fun ahead! Stay tuned.

Datta Kaur said...


Ah...'even more'..interesting post to read. If you would like to consolidate some keys points from your seminar into a paragraph, I would be glad to post it as an announcement on the course...

Or open a discussion area that you could facilitate - especially since you are 'ahead of the curve' related to application of so many tools that other students here are just learning about.

Let me know. ~ Datta Kaur