Friday, June 13, 2008

End of Year Technology Survey

I always like to get a feel for what my students enjoyed doing the most at the end of the year. I created a 5 question Zoomerang survey about technology integration.

Their favorite Language Arts project that involved technology was Photostory (57%). The comments mean more to me than the numbers:
"The project we used the most technology on was the photo story. It was a whole new experience for me. We wrote a fairytale and recorded it onto photo story and we had to choose a picture that described the scene.I think it was a good project and i enjoyed it because it involved creativity and wasn't just an assignment that everyone else was doing the same."

"the language arts project that enjoyed the most with technology involved would be the photo story. it was sooo fun! i loved how we were able to talk in the microphone and then you would hear it and it would be you saying what you just said. it was my first time doing this kind of project and i cant wait to do it again!"

Wikispaces came in 2nd (34%). Here are some comments:
"The best technology tool i learned about this year was wikispaces because when we were reading the book Esperanza Rising we would have to answer questions on the wikispace but other people would answer them too so you could compare your answer. I think that is an effective way of teaching while reading a book."

" The best technology tool learned this year would be wikispaces! itwas the best because it was on the coumpter and i love the coumpter. I answered every single question and made some of my own."

Voicethread came in 3rd, followed closely by Google Docs. We only had one working computer in the classroom, so I am sure the results would have been different if we had 4 or more computers. The two projects that involved Voicethread and Google docs were done in the classroom and students were very frustrated with the lack of computer access.

Their favorite NEW web tool was (the fruit machine!), closely followed by and Notestar.

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