Sunday, June 22, 2008

Learner or Teacher Center Post for Assessment in E-Learning

Note: This post is in response to my E-Learning Assessment Class
Partner Interview:
This is Erica Hartman. Here is a little about her:

FAMILY: She is from Bergen County, NJ but now lives in Northwestern NJ with her husband, Todd. She has a daughter, Jaylin. Todd is a high school phys. ed teacher and a basketball coach at a high school in Central NJ. Her daughter Jaylin is 3 and a half and is full of fun.

EDUCATION BACKGROUND: After graduating from The College of NJ, she has been a 6th grade language arts teacher at Sparta Middle School for the past 6 years. Erica finished her Master's in Technology Education at NJCU in May 2007.

WHAT SHE WANTS OUT OF THIS CLASS: She would love to get new assessment ideas for her classroom because next year she is going from having 60 students to 120 and needs a fast and efficient assessments.

INTERESTING FACT: Something interesting about her is that on June 24th she is going to Google for the Google Teacher Academy! Also, she has a friend and colleague in this course, Pat Chodkiewicz.

Link to class wiki

After taking the quiz, Assessment: Learner Centered or Teacher Centered, I agree with the results because I feel my classroom is very learner centered. I always ask myself 2 questions when I am planning a lesson:1. Is this fun? 2. How can I be sure they are learning? If I can answer both those questions, then I am confident about the lesson I am facilitating. I believe that assessment comes in many forms and I am a big fan of exit tickets and parking garages (students park their car in a column such as "I am confident about my knowledge today" or "I have more questions"). One of the best forms of assessments I have used recently is a cell phone poll. I post a question on a smart board and students use cell phones to text the answer ( The answers appear on the screen in the form of a graph.

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