Wednesday, January 14, 2009

7 Things You Didn't Need to Know About Me

Lisa Thumann tagged me in the 7 Things you didn't need to know about me meme. Lisa told me I better post something new on my blog so here we go:
1. I have never skied or snowboarded.
2. I have never ridden a roller coaster that goes upside down.
3. The day I decided to transfer out of my TCNJ teaching program to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology, I got in a near fatal car accident that forced me to stay in central New Jersey, so in turn I decided to finish my teaching degree- and here I am.
4. I have lost 30 pounds over the past 3 years by doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and following the Abs Diet for Women.
5. I have very sensitive ears.
6. I have seen Tiger Woods in his underwear - I was working at a private golf course where Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Roy Jones, Jr. were golfing and staying. MJ was upset that Tiger overslept and carried him down the stairs in his underwear. I got to be their waitress for the day, which meant I was allowed to follow them in a golf cart and watch them golf for 6 hours while making sure there was enough "beverages."
7. My dad created Smart Balance. I started working at the company when I was 12 filing, sorting mail and sorting redeemed coupons back in the day before there were coupon clearinghouses. I'm not sure why I didn't decide to make it my career.

I going to tag:
Patrick Chodkiewicz
Brad Davis
Edwin Wargo


Ann Oro said...

The Tiger Woods entry is just funny. I have to admit: I like roller coasters that go upside down better than steep climbs and drops.

Lisa Thumann said...

These seven things explain a lot about you. Now if only you could explain the Britney Spears concert.