Sunday, November 16, 2008

Google Teacher Academy NY 2008

Getting ready to present at the NY Google Teacher Academy. So excited to see everyone and meet the new GCTs.
I am thrilled to be working with fellow GCT, Jesse Spevack on our Inspiring Idea below:

Here is an updated version of my Google Docs presentation (new examples, plus the footnotes feature included)!

I am so lucky because not only do I get to share, but I also get to sit in on other presentations. Also, my little sis lives in NY just minutes from Google NY- hopefully I'll have time to see her!


Barry Bachenheimer said...


Good luck at Google (Hit the snack station a few times for me :)

Question: If I wanted to enlarge the Google Presentation you have on your blog (or re-embeddd it somewhere else) do you know how to do that?



Kevin said...

Erica and Jesse,

Good luck at the NYC GTA! It will be a magical day for all I'm sure!

Best, kj

Lisa Thumann said...

Looking forward to seeing you there - except this time we don't get to see each ether's presentations.

BTW- Barry - we heard they scaled down the snacks :)

Mr. Bass said...

Have a great time. I'm looking forward to hearing about it. Maybe we can connect sometime soon.


Barry Bachenheimer said...

Not scaled down snacks!!!!

(Signs of the economy I guess.)