Saturday, September 22, 2007

Best Back to School Night Ever

Even though the chorus room was sweltering, it was definitely the best back to school night I have ever experienced. My whole team really pitched in and we wowed the parents. We really need to thank Patrick Higgings for showing us the tools and Mr. Brad Davis for the tech support and emergency Airport Rental. Having the movie poster up while parents entered set the tone of the evening. Our math teacher took the edge off by making everyone laugh with "New Math" from YouTube. Next, my Language Arts partner and I showed an Animoto tour of our classrooms, some parents were dancing to the video's music! We followed it up with a Power Point and our wiki, as well as our ideas for digital storytelling and Deep Web Research. Next, the science teacher used to do a sample lesson with some audience participation. Finally, our Ancient Civilizations teacher ended the night with a pretty nifty Power Point. The difference between this back to school night and back to school nights of the past was definitely the focus on technology. Parents saw that we were on the cutting edge and that we are going to reach their child, no matter what. More importantly they saw we had a sense of humor.

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