Monday, March 14, 2011

A Tale of 2 Animotos

I recently worked with Ms. S, a music teacher at the Early Childhood Center in Palisades Park, New Jersey. Ms. S is the music teacher for grades Pre K - 1st grade. I arrived a bit early and sat in on a kindergarten music class. I had so much fun playing with lummi sticks!
Following that class, Ms. S created an Animoto using Vivaldi's Spring and images from Google Images.
Click here to view Ms. S's animoto: Spring
Before watching the Animoto, the students sang a song, "Spring is Coming." Then we discussed signs of Spring. I took half the class and showed the Spring Animoto Ms. S had created on the Smartboard. We watched a few times and tried to recall the images. What images were missing? What was your favorite picture? What picture was missing?
The students loved the Animoto and were excited when I told them they were going to create one.
I gave each student a piece of paper and told them to draw an image that reminded them of Spring as we listened to the song once more. As they drew, I took pictures of their progress with my camera. Then I uploaded the images to Animoto using the same Vivaldi song.
I can't wait to hear their reaction! They were so excited to have their pictures "in a movie." I wish I could have bottled their enthusiasm!

I still think Animoto is one of the best and easiest web 2.0 tools out there. It makes anyone look like an Oscar Award winning producer!

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