Sunday, August 10, 2008

Using Technology in The Language Arts Classroom

Slide show for this week's class, "Using Technology in the Language Arts Classroom."
It is a two day class, three hours each day.
Quick overview of a variety of tools and sites for teachers of grades 5-12, but mostly grades 5-8.
Any suggestions or additions are much appreciated.


Barry Bachenheimer said...


Great tools! I hadn't heard of many of these. I have shamelessly borrowed them (giving you full credit, of course)

Thanks for the great ideas!

Question- how do you have kids use the gcast. At home or at school?


Erica Hartman said...

Hi Barry,
I create an account and then they call in using a pin number. SHHH! I let them use their cell phones in class for this and for I haven't let them do it from home yet.
Feel free to use the preso, I have another one coming out in a few days on New Methods in Research for Grades 5-12.I will be posting it to my blog.

Jim Lerman said...

Hey Erica,
Just looked through your slide deck. It's awesome. Great job. Will be very interested to learn the results of the poll. Will this group come together at any points during the year to compare notes on how their work is progressing?


Erica Hartman said...

After the class the feedback was that they were interested in mini classes just on google docs, google books, google lit trips, etc. Problem is I am still a classroom teacher :) While I want to teach these classes I need to focus on my kids, my students in September. I need to go off adult mode and into middle schooler mode :)

Ann Oro said...

I passed on this blog post to several colleagues. It's a great resource. Thanks for sharing.

Lauriene Tschang said...

This is a great tool. I will surely show this to the teachers I work with. Thanks for sharing.