Friday, July 18, 2008

Bloom's Discussion Cube

This week in my Assessment in E-Learing class we debated the use of Bloom's Taxonomy and when students should become aware of it. I think that 6-8 grade is a great time to introduce it. There are fun ways to do it such as creating Bloom's Taxonomy Discussion Cubes. We had to break down the activities and objectives of a lesson on Studying the First Amendment: Exploring Truth in Journalism by Christine Casey.
One idea I had was for each group of students to create their own news network on Ustream, but each network would have to decide upon its own "spin" to a local news story that would be covered by all of the student created UStream News Networks. It would be interesting to evaluate how each news station reported in the same local story.

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Datta Kaur said...

Erica, I wanted to view your taxonomy table from your blog, but received the message that I did not have access.

Could you make that available? Meanwhile I'll use yours from the discussion area. Thanks. ~ Datta Kaur