Tuesday, April 8, 2008

American Idol Rejects

3rd Marking period Independent Reading Projects- Students could read any genre they please. Their project was to write a rap/song/poem or to make a collage. Both projects had to include a written reflection. Out of 65 students I got 60 collages and 5 songs. The songs were unbelievable. The students recorded them using Audacity and then we uploaded them into gcast. From gcast we can listen to them or you can upload them into your iTunes. We now have an all-out iTunes war going on. Whose song will be downloaded the most?

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mpg said...

Wow! Those rap/songs are amazing. When I have time, I will upload all of them. Please tell the "Fab Five" I was impressed.

Do you think now that the "Fab Five" have set an example, the others will choose to go with a rap/song/poem next time? Did you create your own rap/song/poem as an example? If not, do you think more students would have chosen to do so if you had?

Great lesson!

Erica Hartman said...

I will tell the students you enjoyed them. Actually, I did not create my own song; I would have been the type of student to choose the collage/reflection! The 5 students that did the rap/song are not my best writers, but they are very creative. It was nice to see them excel and be able to express their creativity while having a ball at the same time. Their confidence in the classroom has really improved and I have even seen an improvement in their grades in LA since their performances. Other students who completed the collage are now asking to do a song (not for credit) so they can get in on the action:)